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Wallet swap token address


Wallet swap token address

Swap Tokens to Binance Chain from a different Network. Install your extension wallet; it can be Binance Extension Wallet or MetaMask; Go to Binance Bridge page, and you will use V2 by default. Click on “Connect Wallet” Once you finished unlocking your wallet, you can see your address at the “destination” box. Choose Assets Connect Wallet SWAP NOW To initiate a swap you need to transfer legacy ARN tokens to ARN contact address. Due to high Ethereum gas fees at this time, ARNX token will be sent in weekly batches.

Now we have created a wallet we can start with the actual token swap process. Click on Me > VET Token Swap service. Accept the service agreement and click on Start. Select the wallet you just created, this is where your VET after the token swap will go to. DO NOT SEND YOUR ERC-20 VEN TO YOUR VET ADDRESS.You can change the recipient's address if you want to send the token to another address. It must be a wallet address that you have access to get tokens. Otherwise, you will lose your tokens. Step 6: Click "Swap now" and confirm transaction.

2) Scroll down in the MetaMask window and click the Add Token button. This can only be done if the wallet is open to the assets tab as shown in the below screenshot. 3) The search token option will appear as default. Click the Custom Token tab as shown below. 4) Paste the GALA contract address in the "Token Contract Address".Blank Token Launches On Binance Smart Chain & Pancake Swap. Blank wallet was created to bring anonymity to the Decentralized finance (DeFi) sector which needs it badly. However, the Ethereum blockchain has been severely overloaded with transactions which has prompted users to spend upwards of $50 for simple transactions and even more so for ...